Bundle Rates 2018

All bundles are valid for 3 months from date of purchase and must be used within this period.
Hourly Bundle Normal Rate Bundle Rate Saving Approx Discount (%)
3 R550.00 p/h R525.00 p/h R25.00 p/h 4%
6 R550.00 p/h R505.00 p/h R45.00 p/h 8%
9 R550.00 p/h R495.00 p/h R55.00 p/h 10%
12 R550.00 p/h R480.00 p/h R70.00 p/h 12.5%
15 R550.00 p/h R470.00 p/h R90.00 p/h 14.5%
20 R550.00 p/h R450.00 p/h R100.00 p/h 18%